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Testing and Site Investigation

Fluke recording meters track actual energy usage as your business operates. We have a large stock of these meters that we offer to our customers. If your business is having power quality problems we can install a recording meter and provide you with a complete report of your energy usage patterns and any unusual disturbances that occur. If you want to add more equipment to an existing panel we can tell you how much spare capacity you have. Hospitals are required to use these meters when adding load to an existing panel. If you want your business to be safe give us a call and we can show you a copy of an actual report.

If you don’t have any electrical drawings of your building and you’re not sure how the power distribution system is installed, give us a call and we can trace it out for you. If you’re not sure where the breaker is that you need to reset, we can find it for you. We provide site surveys of complete buildings, parking lot lighting or find out what’s behind a wall. We can even provide a drawing of our investigation results.